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Permanent Lip Liner / Full Lip Color

Improve & Enhance Natural Beauty with Permanent Makeup!

Whether you go dramatic or natural, permanent lip liner and permanent lip color will give your lips an elegant, finished look all day long, every day.

We can emphasize your lips with permanent lip liner or get the perfect, sexy cupid’s bow you’ve always dreamed of. You can avoid the mess of lipstick with permanent lip color.

Permanent lip liner will minimize wrinkles and prevent unsightly lipstick bleed-through or give narrow lips a plumped up look. Permanent lip liner is applied to enhance or change the natural lip line. We can minimize or maximize my client’s natural line or correct lip asymmetry.

Often women feel uncomfortable about how their lips look without lipstick or lip liner. Permanent lip color or lip liner can deepen your natural lip color, define your lips, add fullness, and correct imperfections.

As we age, the lips tend to look smaller, mainly because the color around the outer half of the lips or the entire lip becomes faded. Permanent lip color can replace what age has taken away and it’s much softer than most people think. It makes your lips look prettier, younger, and extremely natural.

Color choices are endless and are custom mixed for each person. You can bring your favorite lipstick or lip liner and we will match it.

Because the lips heal differently than eyebrows and eyeliner more than one touchup may be required to complete the process. Following the after-care instructions will hasten the healing process towards satisfying and outstanding results.

Permanent Lip Color benefits people with:

  • Pale lips
  • Unevenly shaped lips
  • Scars on the lips (such as cleft palette)
  • Desire to make lips look fuller
  • Desire to take away from fine lines around mouth area
  • Desire to achieve natural looking lip color
  • Difficulty applying makeup due to poor vision or unsteady hands
  • Problems with lipstick that smears or wears off quickly

Permanent Makeup FAQ

Full, luscious, lips are yours with permanent cosmetics.

Lip Liner with Blending – $450
Full Lip – $600
Touch up appointment – $99