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Permanent Eyeliner

Improve & Enhance Natural Beauty with Permanent Eyeliner!

Always an Eye-Opener! Defining the eye is an essential part of looking your best. Permanent eyeliner / eyelash enhancement is placed right into the lash line and it will get you noticed.

If you have experienced dark circles under your eyes from your eyeliner running or smudging throughout the day, then permanent eyeliner is a great option for you.

We can create a natural looking fine line or darker, dramatic line for a sophisticated appearance. Eyeliner can be a full line, a quarter line or a half line–all to the client’s preference. We can suggest what color would look best and how thick or thin your eyeliner should be. Colors are custom mixed for each individual and include beautiful shades of blacks, browns, blues, greens, and greys.

Eyeliner is applied to the lash line (upper lid, lower lid, or both upper & lower lids) to give your eyes a fresh, open look, make eyelashes look fuller, and add definition to the eyes.

There is little to no down-time following the application of permanent eyeliner. Because of that it’s hugely popular and the most sought-after enhancement.

Permanent Eyeliner benefits people with:

  • Sparse eyelashes
  • No eyelashes
  • Scars on the eyelids
  • Desire to give the eyes a more open appearance
  • Desire to define the eye
  • Hair loss from alopecia
  • Hair loss before or after chemotherapy treatment
  • Hair loss from thyroid problems
  • Macular degeneration or blindness
  • Difficulty applying makeup due to poor vision or unsteady hands
  • Desire to have a natural looking lash enhancement

Permanent Makeup FAQ

Let your eyes say it all for you! Big, beautiful, attention-getting eyes – 24/7

Upper Eyeliner – $250
Lower Eyeliner – $200
Eyeliner Set (Upper & Lower) – $375
Touch up appointment – $99