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2) Permanent Makeup on selected area

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Enhancing a Beautiful You!

Today more women are opting for the convenience of Permanent Cosmetics such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color that won’t wear off. Finally! Perfect solution for the busy and/or athletic woman, women with trouble seeing to apply makeup, as well as woman with allergies to fashionable conventional makeup.

Permanent Secrets offers a welcoming and relaxing environment along with extremely strict hygiene standards, and uses the latest digital technology. Our number one priority is to make our clients feel comfortable and totally at ease during their whole treatment, as well as a Quality and Safe Professional Setting.

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Luxury Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microblading, shaping, designing, microstroking, tattoo and embroidery are the hottest trends in semi-permanent eyebrows today. Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo can also be called or hair stroke eyebrow tattoo or 3D brows.

Your Eyes are the Window to your soul, Your eyebrows are the frame of your face.

Permanent Secrets offers: 
3D Eyebrow Tattoo, Permanent Eyeliner, Permanent Lip Color, Corrective Tattooing
Located in Sunny Isles
Serving all of Miami and more!

Larissa, your eyebrow artist, will manually apply a very natural looking eyebrow tattoo of individual hair strokes to your skin in order to create natural and attractive brows, or create a soft gradual shading with a powdered brow effect to enhance your natural beauty. Your brows can be thicker, reshaped, and darkened, and she will work with you to customize the right shade and shape eyebrow for your face and style.

Brow application will take about one to two hours, with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Larissa uses only the most effective anesthetic creams before and during your appointment. An after care touch-up session is included, ensuring that your eyebrows continue to look perfect unless you prefer otherwise.

Permanent Secrets performs other permanent makeup services such as tattooed lash enhancement, top and bottom eyeliner tattooing, lip liner, full lip color, beauty marks, as well as corrective tattooing.

We offer the best eyebrow tattoo services. Permanent Secrets is one of the first to offer this new 3D / semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo application technique. You can have beautiful eyebrows every day without having to fill them in with eyeliner or makeup. Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo and other permanent makeup services save time because you always look “done”.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are the latest breakthrough in beauty business. Eyelash Extensions is a revolutionary new product that will extend your eyelashes for a beautiful, enhance look and natural feel! They are perfect for special occasions or for every day wear for vibrant, long and luscious lashes.
More about Eyelash Extensions

Natural Full Set – $200
Synthetic Glamour Full Set – $220
Partial Set – $120
Refill –  $95 every 2-3 weeks
Buy 3 prepaid Refills: $85 each


100% Real Siberian Mink Glamour Lashes
Full Set – $300
Refill –  $120 every 2 -3 weeks
Buy 3 prepaid Refills for $105 each

Permanent Eyebrows Los Angeles


Balancing and framing the face, a well designed and groomed brow can instantly improve and enhance your natural beauty by giving lift and emphasis to the eyes, as well as a more youthful appearance. Permanent Secrets offers different techniques depending on various concerns such as scars, sparse, thin or even naturally very light eyebrows can be addressed by adding fullness and definition without compromising a natural look. More about Permanent Eyebrows 

Full Permanent Eyebrow Set$475
Touch up appointment$99

Permanent Eyeliner Los Angeles


Defining the eye is an essential part of looking your best. Permanent eyeliner / eyelash enhancement is placed right into the lash line and it will get you noticed.
More about Permanent Eyeliner

Upper Eyeliner – $250
Lower Eyeliner – $200
Eyeliner Set (Upper & Lower) – $375
Touch up appointment – $99 

Los Angeles Permanent Lip Liner Full Lips Color


Fresh, beautiful, sensual lips are created by adding natural or brighter colors where needed, instantly achieving fullness and definition of lips. Minor or more profound corrections can be made to thin or unsymmetrical lips to get that even look. Permanent Lip Liner can camouflage unwanted lines around the mouth which instantly eliminates lipstick bleeds. Size and shape can be altered to a desired change.
More about Permanent Lip Liner

Lip Liner with Blending – $450
Full Lip – $600
Touch up appointment – $99

Los Angeles Beauty Mark Tattoo

Beauty Mark

Are you in love with Marilyn and Madonna’s beauty mark, above the lip or to the side? Do you draw it on all the time and it’s just so sexy you love it! Here is your solution!

Beauty Mark – $99



Color Boost & Corrective Procedures

Ongoing Maintenance

While Permanent Cosmetics is permanent, your procedure will require ongoing maintenance for boosting the color and refining the shape. Protect your investment. At Permanent Secrets, we offer discounted refresh appointments for our clients.

Consultation – FREE!
Price determined upon evaluation.

Ongoing Maintenance
1 year to 23 months  – $150
2 years to 35 months  –  $200
3 years to 47 months  –  $250
4 years or longer  –  priced at consultation

Los Angeles Brentwood Facials Skin Care

Skin Care

It is not always nearly enough to just use anti-aging creams and serums in order to really make an effort in staying young. Regular facials have proven to be very effective in increasing your anti-aging efforts and even in enhancing the results from your anti-aging creams.
More about Skin Care

Mini Facial – $70
Perfect for those on the go or quick-me-up. This facial includes a cleansing massage, exfoliation, and customized mask (30 min)

Organic Signature Facial – $115
This facial is customized for all skin types. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage, and mask specially designed for your skin type. Designed to promote a healthy youthful glow (50 min)

Mens Facial Brentwood

Men’s Executive Facial

Formulated to help counter exposure to the elements while golfing, surfing, and sporting. This men’s spa facial addresses men’s concerns including shaving irritation and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots.

More about Men’s Facials

50 min – $120

Los Angeles Eyebrow Shaping Tinting Eyelash Brentwood

Additional Services:

Lash Lift  – $95
Lash Tint  – $35
Tint & Lift  – $105
Eyelash Extensions Removal – $50 (Free for my clients!)
Eyebrow Shaping – $30
Eyebrow Tint –  $35
Eyebrow Shaping & Tint –  $50

Los Angeles Body Wax Salon Brentwood


Lips – $12
Chin – $15
Lips and Chin – $20
Sideburns – $20
Full Face – $50
Half Arm – $35
Full Arm – $55
Half Leg – $45
Full Leg – $65
Underarm – $35

More about Waxing